Help - Computer and Technical

Setting My Local Time in the Member Center

If you would like to see class times in your local timezone, you can. After you change the setting your profile, all times in the Member Center will be in your local time.

Why can't I open a PDF or file from the Member Center?

Sometimes the connection between the Member Center and your computer or device makes it difficult for your computer to open it. 

How do I take quizzes?

This also applies to entering your homework answers, practice exams, and final exams.

Subscribe and unsubscribe from Bowen EHS Member Center forums

Here are the steps to subscribe, unsubscribe or check your subscription status in the Bowen EHS Member Center.

Member Center Computer Requirements

The Member Center requires a up-to-date modern web browser that can handle web standards and Javascript well. The Virtual Classroom requirements are a little more strict.