Our Online Classroom

How does the Virtual Classroom work?


  • Interact in real-time with the instructor and other participants.
  • Ask and answer questions through chat windows.
  • See the instructor writing on interactive whiteboards.
  • View complex operations on the virtual calculator.
  • Learn from and interact with your fellow participants.


Good Day. I am Russ Bowen, owner and President of Bowen EHS and I'd like to introduce you to the virtual classroom we use in our online training programs. Our virtual classroom uses all the elements of a traditional classroom and you can join from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a reliable internet connection.

We like to say we bring the classroom to you! Our interactive courses are presented in real-time online. Your instructor is live using PowerPoint presentations, a chat window, a whiteboard, and a simulated calculator to teach class. Let’s see what I will be talking about today.

[video clip]

As instructors are teaching class and explaining concepts, you can ask questions through the chat window. They will answer your questions. 

[video clip]

And ask you questions in return.

[video clip]

We use an online whiteboard to answer questions that might need a visual explanation. Again, this is in real-time and you will see it happening as the instructor is writing.  We’re able to work out a problem or explain a concept further using this method, just like the whiteboard used in traditional classrooms.

We provide a calculator with each online review course and use a virtual calculator to demonstrate the use of common functions.

There are many advantages of live lectures over pre-recorded presentations, the most important being participant interaction. During live-lectures you can ask questions and receive real-time feedback. Follow-up questions can be asked by you or fellow participants and this helps you better understand the topic being discussed.

All lectures are recorded providing you the opportunity to review them again at a later time and as many times as needed. You have access to course materials for a full year from the start date of our exam review courses. The greatest part about presenting our courses live is the connection we form with our clients.  We share stories, experiences, and even a joke or two.  We know you are working hard, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help with your career development.

I hope you now have a better understanding of our virtual classroom and we look forward to meeting you online!