What Do Scores on Practice Exams Indicate?


We often receive questions from our clients about other exam prep resources they are using to prepare for their EH&S certification exam. We know we have a great product, but it's not the only resource you can use for your exam prep. 

A recent question asked us about how DataChem's practice exam questions compare to our quiz questions:

I am taking my CIH certification exam soon and I purchased both the Bowen CIH Online Review Course and the DataChem Software. On practice exams for Bowen I have been getting high 70s to middle 80s, but in the DataChem software, I have an average score of about 74.  Do you think this indicates that I am probably ready to sit for it? The DataChem score kinda knocks my confidence down a little. What are your thoughts on their question set? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

My response:

Both the DataChem software and our study questions are tools to help you study.  I like to think of the analogy of a professional football player lifting weights as part of their training. The football player’s goal is not to lift the maximum weight; the player’s goal is to ensure he is physically fit and ready to play the game.  It doesn’t matter how much weight he is lifting as long as he continues to exercise and stay physically fit.

Practice tests and quizzes essentially serve the same purpose as lifting weights.  They are mental exercises for the brain.  They help us keep our minds strong and ready to tackle the problems of the actual test.

I encourage you to continue studying 2 or 3 times per day for short intervals (10 to 20 minutes at a time).  It will keep you ready for the big day.

However, I can see that I did not really answer your question.  Overall, I think you are doing quite well for both the Bowen questions and the DataChem questions. 

We recommend using several different resources to supplement our exam prep courses to really understand the fundamental concepts found on the certification exams. Using this comprehensive approach along with relying on your own work experience will give you the best chance at success on your certification exam.

Warm regards,

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