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Spring Cleaning Your Inbox


While we can't help you scrub floors or organize your closets, we can help you get started in spring cleaning your inbox.

Here are 7 Tips to keep your inbox neat and tidy:

  1. Unsubscribe from emails you no longer want to receive (even ours!).
  2. Create folders by subject, client, project, or task and organize existing emails into these folders (set up as many as you need.)
  3. Create a "To-Do", "Future To-Do", and "Follow-up" folder in your inbox.
  4. Spend 15-30 minutes every morning going through, answering and organizing your emails.
  5. Delete forwarded or replied to emails (the email string is now in your sent folder) and any other emails you don't need.
  6. As you go through your inbox, reply or file any emails that will take you a minute or less to take care of. 
  7. Sort the rest into the three folders "To-Do", Follow-up", and "Future To-Do".

Before you know it, your inbox will be blank, all emails will be in their appropriate folder, and you'll feel the joy of finishing your inbox spring cleaning.

Just remember to look at your "To-Do" and Follow-up" folders once in a while and take action.

Happy organizing!

~The Bowen EHS Team 

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