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Getting the most out of the Study Question Databases

In case you didn't know, all of the study questions that we have released over the years are available in our Study Question Databases. These include the ones that are used in the weekly Free Study Question emails, our Quiz Game apps, and quizzes and practice exams in the Practice Tools. The databases also contain the full solutions for every study question.

Accessing the Databases

All of the study questions are organized by exam and have their own database in their respective Practice Tool area. The following areas currently have Study Question Databases:

If you are in the Learning Center, you can use the related Practice Tool, the Home link, the My Courses link, or the Quick Links dropdown menu (desktop only) to get to these areas.

Quick Links Menu

 Quicklinks Dropdown 

Once you get to the correct area, navigate to the database by choosing the Study Question Database tile.

SQ Database Tile

Click on the orange Study Question Database link.

Orange Study Question Database Link

Once inside the database, you will see a list of study questions that you can browse, sort, open, and search.

 SQ Database List


Searching the Vaults

You have a number of options to find what you're looking for.


You can sort. The date, title, and topic options are the most useful.

vault sorting

Remember to click/tap the Save settings button.


Click or tap the Show Filters button to show your options.

  • You can put a partial date or title in the Date-Title field.
  • Check the topics you want to see. (More checks = more questions.)
  • The Other tab has more options to search for the question or solution.

Click or tap the purple Save settings button to filter.

vault filters

Heads up!

The filter is not sticky. If you open a question and come back, your search options will be gone. If you open each question in a new tab or window, you will preserve your search in the original tab.


If you would like to print a study question, we recommend using an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome so that it prints properly. Microsoft Edge works as well. Safari does not.

To print, just use your web browser's print option.