It's Not Just A Course, It's What Happens Afterwards

It's Not Just A Course, It's What Happens Afterwards


I am ready.

I am going to do it.

I am going to take the exam.

I am going to get certified, and it will help my career.

It won’t be easy, but I’m going to make sure I pass. I’m going to invest in an exam prep course, and I will learn everything necessary to pass the exam.

2 weeks later…

Okay. I took the week long review course, and wow! It was intense. Trying to absorb all of that information was like drinking from a firehose. Now, all I need to do is focus on those three subjects where I am particularly weak, and I will be set.

3 weeks later…

Okay, I only studied for 15 minutes last week, but I would have spent more time studying if my kids hadn’t gotten sick. This week is going to be better.

4 weeks later…

Man, I just don’t get it. These ventilation equations are really hard. I’m glad I have access to recorded versions of the lectures. I’m going to review the ventilation lecture, and see if that can help.

5 weeks later…

All right! The recorded lecture helped me with a few of the ventilation problems, but I am still stuck on this one involving dilution ventilation. I’m going to log into the open study session, and ask the moderator for help.

6 weeks later…

Wow! That moderator really helped me understand the problem. I still struggle with the ventilation problems, but at least I think I have a fighting chance on the exam. I’m sure glad I took the Bowen EHS Review Course. The staff was very friendly and the instructors were so supportive. They helped me stay focused and provided me a path that kept me out of the weeds. They continued to provide excellent support even after I completed the course. They really seemed interested in helping me pass the exam.

Bowen EHS believes people are more likely to study and retain the information when they are supported throughout their entire exam preparation process. That’s why we provide our clients with access to their course and all of the additional resources available through the Bowen EHS® Member Center for a full 365 days. Yes! Access is given for 365 days from your course start date! (Workshop clients are given access to the recordings from the most recent online course).

We believe this is a more comprehensive way to study and prepare for the exam.

You can:

  • Reach out to your instructor at any time.
  • Post questions in both the course and subject specific forums. 
  • Attend LIVE online study sessions. 
  • Review recorded lectures as many times as needed. 
  • Take subject specific quizzes (great for those areas you are weak in). 
  • Access all of the study questions sent out via the Bowen EHS Free Study Question program.

Best of all, we guarantee to support you as long as you need us. If you take the exam within 12 months from the course end date and are unsuccessful, you can take the same upcoming course again at no additional cost providing an additional 12 months of supported preparation.

Bowen EHS has your back and we’re working with you to achieve your certification goal.

Study On!

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