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What are Sections?

We offer some courses at different times and/or days to accommodate different schedules. Each offering is a section and covers all the course materials. You are free to attend the lectures from each section that fit your schedule. All lectures are recorded for you to review as well. During registration, we ask you to choose the section that you will attend most often as this helps us prepare for each section.

You only need to attend or watch the recording of each numbered lecture. Section 1, Lecture 1 covers the same material as Section 2, Lecture 1, etc.

Here's a sample with a course that has two (2) sections and eight (8) lectures. Lecture times for this example are:

Section 1 - M/W 1-3 pm ET
Section 2 - T/Th 8-10 pm ET

This participant prefers to attend Section 2.

Lecture 1 attended Section 2  
Lecture 2 attended Section 1 A family event prevented them from attending Section 2.
Lecture 3 watched recording of Section 2 They had a work conflict that was scheduled during both sections.
Lecture 4 attended Section 2, watched Section 1 recording They didn't quite get the concepts in class so they reviewed the recording from Section 1 as well.
Lecture 5 attended Section 2  
Lecture 6 attended Section 2, watched Section 2 recording They couldn't remember how to solve a problem presented in class. They watched the recording to remember how to do it.
Lecture 7 watched Section 2 recording, asked questions in the Course Q & A forum They had work and family scheduling conflicts. One concept wasn't clear so they posted a question in the Course Q & A forum and the instructor replied.
Lecture 8 attended Section 2  

As you can see, you can attend all lectures if you want to, and you can watch the recordings of all the lectures as well. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.