Industrial Hygiene Reference & Study Guide

I call this the "Little White Book." It is a short list of facts and information on each industrial hygiene subject. It is great for reviewing information, but it won't help much if you haven't studied the material in another text.


Modern Industrial Hygiene Volumes 1, 2, & 3

The most comprehensive texts available on the current practice of industrial hygiene.  Dr. Perkins has done an excellent job of editing the text so that there is minimal or no duplication between the chapters by the various authors.  The contributors and reviewers did a fantastic job of presenting the material in a clear and precise manner.  The texts present technical information important to the practicing industrial hygienist in a straight forward manner.  

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The Industrial Environment - Its Evaluation and Control

This is considered to be the original "White Book." It was originally published by NIOSH and has been updated twice by the AIHA.

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Industrial - Occupational Hygiene Calculations: A Professional Reference

A spiral bound book describing every equation on the previous exam formula sheet handout. Written by faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health. A quick reference to review specific formulas.

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Recognition of Health Hazards in Industry: A Review of Materials and Processes

A great book describing health hazards in a variety of industries. Describes many of the industries where IH really got a strong start. Many of us no longer work in these industries, but there are still questions on the exam based on prevalent exposures in specific businesses. Recommend reading chapters on welding, abrasive blasting, and surface coatings.

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Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

Provides very basic information on most industrial hygiene topics. Relatively easy read. Do not recommend purchasing if you have a good library or already own The Industrial Environment: Its Evaluation and Control.

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TLVs and BEIs: Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents and Biological Exposure Indices

A must have. Excellent source of information regarding the CIH exam. Recommend reading it cover to cover. Don't try to memorize TLVs, but you should understand the basis for TLVs. It also provides information on many IH subjects.

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Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice

The basic reference for ventilation. Recommend reading the first five chapters. You can pass the exam without owning this manual, but you will probably want a copy if you stay in the field for any length of time.

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Dose Makes the Poison

A new favorite toxicology text. Written in a clear and understandable style with the general public in mind, this book is an excellent introductory guide to the history, concepts, and practice of toxicology.

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Flash Cards

We have developed sets of flashcards specifically for the CIH exam. People generally retain more information when they create their own cards. A low cost way for you to develop cards is to use the card lists from our bookstore, and create your own with index cards.

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