Client Feedback: CIH Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their CIH exam.

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June 23, 2017
Thanks Russ! Course [CIH] was great, but one really has to put the effort into this apart from just the course. I even got a 100% on Toxicology after getting 45% back in Spring 2014. All the best!


June 1, 2017
Have officially joined the ranks! Sat & passed. Seems 3rd time was the charm for this IH ( the first attempt was a terrible failure in fall 2013; spring 2014 was a successful failure in that I knew I needed to prepare more fully as I missed passing by 6 questions). Want to thank Bowen EHS for setting me up for success--but for those of you who were not successful this go-around, know that you still have to put in the work to fully benefit from what is provided in the Bowen course. Keep at it and don't be discouraged. And congrats to those who were successful!


June 1, 2017
Well, I took the CIH test last week and got a no pass. I felt really good going into it and actually didn't feel terrible while taking it so it was a bit of a surprise when I got the no pass. I went through all of the Bowen questions available, read the TLV book as well as others, went through all the lectures at least twice, took many "quizzes" and was getting 80-100% on them by the end. I even purchased the extra Bowen workbooks and went through all of them too. I am pretty disappointed and not quite sure how to study for the next time around. I guess I will just have to wait to get the letter telling me what rubrics to study harder in. I did enjoy this course and like I said, I thought I was pretty prepared for the test, but I guess there will be at least one more go around...


June 1, 2017
I pushed the submit button and closed my eyes. When I opened them, it said "are you sure you want to submit?", pushed the button, closed my launched into the survey. Then it launched into at least 2 more "are you sure you want to submit?". I thought I was going to have a heart attack but finally....finally I got the green check saying preliminary pass! (CIH exam) BOWEN is the best prep system EVER! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!. Rick, you were a great instructor and host in Chapel Hill. Thank you!


May 28, 2017
CIH Pass! First time taking the exam and first time using a course for preparation. I think the structure helped focus my supplemental reading. Carried the TLV book with me when I didn't use Quizlet. Thanks Bowen!


May 26, 2017
I sat for the CIH exam yesterday and received the P+ I worked for!!!! Just wanted to say THANKS to the crew at Bowen EHS and all the studying sessions, etc. This was my second attempt after missing the mark last fall. Bowen allowed me to sit through another round of classes and it paid off. Best regards and good luck to those who are sitting next week!


May 26, 2017
I will feel better when I receive the official letter from ABIH! I have the "preliminary" pass! I am still in shock after seeing that, and am really, really tired right now. Thank you, everyone, for your support during classes and great feedback to questions! Also, a big "thank you" to Mr. Russ Bowen for everything! Your teaching methods really helped me pass this exam, especially since it is over 20 years since I graduated from college!


May 23, 2017
Sat for the CIH exam and got the green checkmark - Preliminary Pass! Phew! Thanks for all of the help, education and fun provided by Bowen EHS staff. I feel certain I would not have been successful without completing this preparation material.  


May 18, 2017
I took the CIH test and I received a Preliminary Pass, I am so excited, I can't contain myself. I felt very confident since the week previous, I had a feeling of being the Ready that I have not ever had in my life.I want to thank Bowen for the course and for the time that he answered my emails and phonecalls with questions, Also, I want to thank another premium member, whom I met thru the discussion board and he became my long-distance study buddy.


May 11, 2017
I took the CIH exam today and received a preliminary pass. I had to stare at the screen for a second to realize I had passed..the big green circle with pass in it was not getting through. I would like to thank Russ and the rest of my classmates for their help because without them I would not have been able to pass. The workshop was awesome and got me pointed in the right direction on where to focus my energy. Thanks.


May 9, 2017
Passed the CIH exam! First, I want to thank Rick for a wonderful class last fall in NC. In addition to taking the class in person, I also listened to the recordings over and over. At the gym, in the car, etc. When in doubt, listen to lectures. There were many, many questions where I had Rick's voice from the lectures playing in my head, telling me the answer because I practically remembered the lectures. The exam was tough! I thought I over prepared but was surprised how hard some questions were. Overall, the math was really easy. Bowen's math problems are very good prep for this test. However, there are not many math problems. The hard part were the wordy questions. I won't get into details but there were a handful of questions where they would say, "when doing or developing X, what would you do first, or which is the most important factor." Which are tough because you have to really think what is the best answer, and all 4 answers sound like they are important. The other tricky part was semi-detailed questions on the most random aspects of IH. Very hard to prepare for those. Most of those were either judgment calls or I just happened to have experience. Honestly, I thought a handful of questions were unfair... but those could have been the experimental ones for all I know. My best advice is to try not to remember facts as much as understand the concepts of what each rubric is all about. The Bowen course is a fantastic baseline. Use it as a guide and expand on the subjects it covers. The Fleeger guide helps some, the TLV booklet is crucial! Read it! and the Burgess book is also really good. If you can't get a copy, just Wikipedia search the industries and watch youtube videos. There is a lot of good content.


May 8, 2017
I took the CIH exam today and received a Preliminary Pass!! This was my second attempt at conquering the beast and the hard work paid off. The lectures by the Bowen team provided a great foundation as to what to expect on the exam. For my second attempt, I also read Recognition of Health Hazards in Industry (by William Burgess) and Industrial Hygiene Reference and Study Guide (by Allan Fleeger and Dean Linquist). I would recommend these books and also recommend to take notes/make flashcards as needed. DataChem was also very helpful as it pointed out my weak spots that I needed to focus on. Good luck to everyone sitting! If it doesn't go your way just remember how far you have come and how much you have learned thus far. You can do it!