Client Feedback: ASP-CSP Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what has worked or not worked for them preparing for their ASP and CSP exams.

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May 25, 2017
After taking the ASP prep class last Sept, I kept putting off taking the ASP thinking I wasn't ready. Finally "drew a line in the sand" and stuck with a date in January and passed first try. I thought of taking another prep course for the CSP, but Bowen's advised that I just take the test with what I've already learned, so I did......and passed!!!!! There is absolutely no way I could've been successful on this journey without the help of Bowen. My suggestion is to set a date to take the test and stick to it. Don't keep putting it off like I did. Also, the Brauer book is an excellent resource, especially on the subject of hazard analysis and fault tree analysis. Thanks to Bowen and Nicole for everything you've done. This is a huge accomplishment for me and my career.


May 10, 2017
I took ASP-CSP course from Bowen in Spring 2016. Waited too long to take the course so did another vendor crash course in person 1 week before ASP exam. Passed on the first try. Was given the recommendation to schedule & sit for CSP exam soon after passing ASP so registered for exam 3 weeks after ASP. Studied Brauer book and did Bowen prep questions and practice quizzes. Passed on the first try for CSP9. Very helpful for CSP. I really like the way Bowen has set up the practice questions, weekly emails for questions, and the practice quizzes. Just wanted to share and say thanks!!


May 6, 2017
Passed the ASP, course was excellent prep! I sat for the exam and felt well prepared thanks to Bowen EHS. As additional study prior to the exam I went through the course packet/slide handouts again, reworked the homework and exam problems, and reviewed some outside materials in areas I felt lacking in (hazmats, system safety). A couple of subject areas seemed to have quite a few questions--training, management systems, electrical, ergonomics, fleet safety, all covered by the course. Good luck all!


May 2, 2017
Passed the ASP exam! "Many Thanks to Mike Edens" and his excellent instruction and the class as a whole, well done. Although I wasn't able to attend the course in real time (Synchronous) I did finish on my own via the recordings (Asynchronous) ha!. I have many years practical safety/environmental experience which doesn't always help in cases like this, so the course really helped me focus in on and get back to basics. Use of the phone app questions and being able to stream the course on my phone via eLecta was really helpful. CSP next step .........


May 2, 2017
I passed the ASP! There was a lot less calculation based questions than I anticipated. The Bowen Class really helped. I also studied "Safety Professional's Reference & Study Guide" by David Yates which helped. A combination of the Bowen Class/App, the study guide mentioned above and the "Pocket Prep" App; I feel I was well prepared. It was a long walk to get that piece of paper (result) waiting for me at the corner of the desk when I left the exam room!


April 30, 2017
I passed the CSP9 exam on my first try. This was my first attempt at taking a BCSP exam as I was a GSP first. The fall ASP/CSP review course with Mike Edens was very helpful and a good starting point. The Brauer book was my main study guide for this exam. I read it from front to cover and did all the review questions at the end of each chapter. If you understand the key concepts in the review course, take the blueprint practice exam to understand your weakness, and read supplemental texts, then you will breeze through this exam. Good luck to future candidates!


April 25, 2017
I was so relieved when I saw the words PASS this afternoon on my (CSP9) exam! I had 118 minutes remaining. I took 1 break after I went through the test once. I highly recommend you take at least one short break - you start to go crossed eyed after a while. Ha!  My journey to the CSP started in 2015. I took the ASP review course with Colleen in January 2015 and took the ASP that April that same year and passed on the first try. Unfortunately, I was unable to take the CSP right after due to unforeseen circumstances. I started studying for the CSP in November 2016. I went back through all of the ASP review courses from 2015 and reviewed questions from the Bowen site over and over and over. I went through all of the webinars as well. I also used Quizlet to create my own questions and reviewed them ad nauseam. I used the BCSP blueprint to give me a guide as to what to study. I re-read the Brauer book, but honestly, I can't say it helped me much. I went to a few study sessions on the Bowen site as well. Special thanks to Mike Edens and all of the Bowen team for your help! Could not have done it without your support!


April 23, 2017
Passed the ASP!  Started studying in earnest in mid-January, using the Brauer and Yates books, primarily. Took the ASP/CSP combo online review session from Bowen that started in February. I am fortunate in that I have very strong employer support, so I was also able to access the Datachem service and purchase the SPAN review books. Overall, regarding the test: Math was approximately the percentage of the test I expected. Virtually all of the math I had was covered in sufficient depth by the Bowen online course, so any extra practice I got using the other resources was a bonus. The remainder of the test was a combination of what I'd call "safety trivia." For all the access to study materials I had, I can tell you that easily 1/3 of the questions were items that were not covered specifically in any of the commonly referenced materials. But then, if you look at the BCSP reference guide reading list, it's pretty lengthy so there is no shortage of material to draw from. It truly is a test that's a mile wide by an inch deep. Of all the items I had access to for reference, I would rank them as follows: 1.  Bowen ASP/CSP online course and resources. Sample questions most accurately matched up with what I was presented with in style/format. 2.  Datachem software. Simply a huge volume of study questions to work from and the ability to do "study sessions" on topics that I felt weak in was a great benefit. 3.  SPAN workbook. Overall the material was pretty good, but it seemed like older, re-purposed questions. I passed through brute force repetition of questions and study topics. Now on to the CSP!


October 29, 2016
Pass the CSP today. I started the process by taking the ASSE ASP study class in 2011, but didn't feel ready. As often is the case, life got in the way of my plans. I then took the Bowen ASP-CSP online course in fall of 2014 after a coworker took the class and passed their CSP in 2013. Took the ASP in October 2015 and passed. Due to work, I was unable to take my CSP right away. Took the SPAN review in August 2016 and took the CSP exam today, and I passed! Suggestions to others: The online class was the best resource for me to gain a solid foundation. I used this resource for both the ASP and CSP exams. Make sure you save the lectures and worksheets. I would suggest you make an index with marker "% completed" for each study session so you can quickly find material for review. The Span workbooks had good study questions, but the lecture was so fast paced it didn't work for me. I also read the Bower book and many of the other resources. This has been a twenty year goal/plan that completed today. Don't wait 20 years, study and take the test.


October 26, 2016
I passed the ASP! I wanted to say thank you to Bowen and Mike Edens for his great instruction during the summer ASP/CSP class. One of Mike's stories helped me answer a question! I'm now going to apply for the CSP and will purchase the CSP Self-Assessment, and read through the rest of the Brauer book (may buy the Yates book as well). I am also going to make more flashcards and look into more regulation details online. I will continue with the CSP practice quizzes on Bowen as well. I hope my review helps someone because I looked through reviews for help as I was studying. Thanks again to Mike and Bowen.


October 18, 2016
I passed the ASP exam! This was my 2nd attempt after just barely failing the first time. After the first try, I decided to get the Brauer book and read it cover to cover. This helped fill in some additional info that wasn't discussed in detail in the course. I went back over all the course materials and used the Bowen ASP-CSP app on my phone to take practices quizzes several times a day. I also completed the ASP self assessment to get an idea how the BCSP asks questions. My advice when taking the test is to go with your first choice answer. Looking back at my first attempt of the test, I second guessed myself on a few answers that probably did me in. This time I stuck with the plan and it worked. On to the CSP now!!! Thank you to everyone at Bowen, especially Nicole for the review course and to Rick for the study sessions.


October 13, 2016
I have successfully passed my ASP Exam thanks to your course. Super excited to take the CSP course.