Client Feedback: ASP-CSP Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP and CSP exams.

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July 1, 2017
Passed CSP, Thank you Bowens and Mike for such a great online review course, I had taken and passed CSP 9 exam on 1 July 2017 after studying for almost a year. The exam was not that easy to pass with the amount and style of questions asked but had confidence while submitting the exam that I will sail through this. My words of advice: the exam prep is very important along with time management skills. I had marked around 30 to 40 questions for review and I had managed to complete the exam when the clock showed me 5 min left on the screen. I had used Bowen EHS iPhone Application, Span, ISSM workshop manuals for the exam prep along with a cover-to-cover reading of "Health and Safety for Engineers" and "Safety Professionals Reference and Study Guide". I used to spend around 5 hours daily for my study and had reviewed the CSP online review recordings at least 4 times completely, along with homeworks , final exams, and final make-up exams. At the end its worth the pain you take!


June 18, 2017
Passed the CSP, 6 weeks after the ASP. My prep this time focused on going through all of the Bowen homework assignments and exams again, supplemented with the CSP9 self assessment booklet (100 questions, very useful) and reading some chapters of Brauer on my weak points. There were not a lot of heavy calculations...I hadn’t memorized all of the elaborate formulas (engineering economy, ventilation, radiation etc.) When you need a unit conversion they either provide it or it’s an easy one. A lot of questions went like, “So you are a CSP and encounter this scenario regarding an injury/a training need/a wave of illnesses/a mass casualty incident at your facility, what do you do?” or “What is the BEST approach to this problem?” which you can figure out by elimination. It is all doable if you are generally comfortable with the Bowen course material, and for me practicing with similarly-styled questions did help. Best of luck all!


June 16, 2017
I passed the CSP! I took the Bowen ASP/CSP Class in the winter/spring, took the ASP in the beginning of May and the CSP exam 6 weeks later; was able to pass both on the first attempt. I was committed to studying at least 3 days during the week and at least 8 hours over each weekend. It may have been excessive but I only wanted to take each test once. I must have gone through at least 1500 quiz questions per exam. For the ASP I studied the Bowen quiz questions/exams and I also used the David Yates "Safety Professionals Reference Guide" as another source which proved to be helpful especially in toxicology and environmental aspects of safety. For the CSP I ordered the SPAN quiz questions which added another dimension to studying. I suggest ordering the BCSP Assessment exams and take them as soon as you get them as they will highlight areas to focus on. Good Luck.


June 11, 2017
Passed the CSP using the same brute force quiz question method I used for the ASP. I thought the CSP was the more difficult test, largely due to the question formatting. Read them very carefully to ensure you are solid on what the question is actually asking. Many here recommend taking the CSP soon after the ASP and I would echo that opinion. I had a 6-week gap. I was still in the mood to study but was hitting the turnout point prior to my exam. Good luck to all who are taking it soon!


June 8, 2017
I passed the ASP on my first try!!! The exam was extremely difficult despite completing the online review course, HOURS of independent studying and countless practice quizzes/tests. Much heavier on Environmental and Hazardous Materials than I expected. Be sure to know Electricity concepts and calculations inside and out. Lots of questions needed unit conversions. All in all very hard, but I made it!!! 


June 5, 2017
I passed my ASP exam on my 1st attempt - Woo Hoo!! The class was very beneficial and appreciate the great instruction Russ and Nicole gave us. Used the Bowen pocket prep app for practice questions while studying in bed, took another online/self-study ASP course from ISSM before taking the Bowen class, and used a set of flash cards that I received from someone on LinkedIn that I believe were made from the same ISSM ASP course that I had previously taken.


June 1, 2017
Just passed the CSP exam earlier this week. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. I passed the CIH exam just 5 months before I took the CSP exam. Compared to the CIH exam, I'd say CSP is a little easier, but it still requires a lot of studying especially on management/training/fire safety. There were a lot of questions about management, training. Not a lot of calculation questions (as someone with an engineering background, I'm not happy about that at all). I tried to memorize a lot of information when studying for the exam, but I feel like most questions want to test your understanding of the concept other than just knowing them. It certainly added a little more difficulty for me because English is not my first language, I did find some keywords that I have no idea what they mean. There is no scheduled break, and during your unscheduled break, they don't allow you to get access to your locker or any personal belongings (no snacks). They did provide water for me, but I had to blow through it without eating anything. Big thanks to the Mike and Russ on answering my questions on the forum and course Q&A section. I couldn't have done it without their help.


May 25, 2017
After taking the ASP prep class last Sept, I kept putting off taking the ASP thinking I wasn't ready. Finally "drew a line in the sand" and stuck with a date in January and passed first try. I thought of taking another prep course for the CSP, but Bowen's advised that I just take the test with what I've already learned, so I did......and passed!!!!! There is absolutely no way I could've been successful on this journey without the help of Bowen. My suggestion is to set a date to take the test and stick to it. Don't keep putting it off like I did. Also, the Brauer book is an excellent resource, especially on the subject of hazard analysis and fault tree analysis. Thanks to Bowen and Nicole for everything you've done. This is a huge accomplishment for me and my career.


May 10, 2017
I took ASP-CSP course from Bowen in Spring 2016. Waited too long to take the course so did another vendor crash course in person 1 week before ASP exam. Passed on the first try. Was given the recommendation to schedule & sit for CSP exam soon after passing ASP so registered for exam 3 weeks after ASP. Studied Brauer book and did Bowen prep questions and practice quizzes. Passed on the first try for CSP9. Very helpful for CSP. I really like the way Bowen has set up the practice questions, weekly emails for questions, and the practice quizzes. Just wanted to share and say thanks!!


May 6, 2017
Passed the ASP, course was excellent prep! I sat for the exam and felt well prepared thanks to Bowen EHS. As additional study prior to the exam I went through the course packet/slide handouts again, reworked the homework and exam problems, and reviewed some outside materials in areas I felt lacking in (hazmats, system safety). A couple of subject areas seemed to have quite a few questions--training, management systems, electrical, ergonomics, fleet safety, all covered by the course. Good luck all!


May 2, 2017
Passed the ASP exam! "Many Thanks to Mike Edens" and his excellent instruction and the class as a whole, well done. Although I wasn't able to attend the course in real time (Synchronous) I did finish on my own via the recordings (Asynchronous) ha!. I have many years practical safety/environmental experience which doesn't always help in cases like this, so the course really helped me focus in on and get back to basics. Use of the phone app questions and being able to stream the course on my phone via eLecta was really helpful. CSP next step .........


May 2, 2017
I passed the ASP! There was a lot less calculation based questions than I anticipated. The Bowen Class really helped. I also studied "Safety Professional's Reference & Study Guide" by David Yates which helped. A combination of the Bowen Class/App, the study guide mentioned above and the "Pocket Prep" App; I feel I was well prepared. It was a long walk to get that piece of paper (result) waiting for me at the corner of the desk when I left the exam room!