Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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Jason Thigpen

April 27, 2021
I passed my CSP exam on 4-22-21. I took the ASP/CSP prep course with Patrick in Jan-March. It was a great course and would recommend it to anyone.
Nucor Steel, Jackson


November 25, 2020
Passed the CSP today, so it’s going to be going a good Thanksgiving. Thanks, Patrick and Bowen for all the study material available. My study preparation consisted of me doing 100 study questions of the CSP only and then would go thru each individual category quiz but not all in a day I would split them up. I also did CIH quizzes which I feel like they helped in giving different questions. I also read the book Safety and Health for Engineers by Bauer. Process, risk, and environmental were covered on the test extensively so dig deep into those concepts. Good luck to all! You can do it! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


November 25, 2020
Just passed the CSP exam. Thank you will and the Bowen EHS for providing excellent guidance and study materials! 


November 25, 2020
Passed the ASP! The exam was challenging. My test did not include much math; however, there are a lot of questions you really need to think through. I only had 11 minutes to spare at the end. The course really helped. I studied hard and reviewed the class material in the areas that I needed improvement. The practice quizzes were extremely helpful. Thank you very much!


November 20, 2020
Passed the CSP! Thanks to Will and the Bowen prep course for providing the extra confidence boost to take the exam. I also listened to the lectures a second time like others have stated. Also listened a third time to areas I was not so confident with the material, environmental especially. I used the pocket prep app as well and went through the Bowman quizzes.  


November 20, 2020
I passed the CSP. I made a lot of flashcards from our classes. I used an app called “pocket prep.” I also listened to our class lectures a second time. I would listen to them while driving. I think I picked up a few extra terms each time I listened again. Good luck to everyone.


November 18, 2020
I sat for and passed my ASP exam. Thank you Kyle for the course and the insight you provided throughout. I'm positive I wouldn't have passed without it.


November 9, 2020
Hey all, I took and passed the CSP exam! Between the online review and all of the practice questions, I felt like I was very prepared. Thank you to Will for your help along the way.


November 5, 2020
Phew! Cleared the CSP yesterday. Feels great. Thanks, Bowen EHS for the practice questions, quizzes, and study sessions. I also referred to many books and literature. Study hard guys, you will make it. Special thanks to William Pate for the tip regarding the calculator, one has to change the mode of the calculator to classic from mathprint. Otherwise it messes up the answer. One important thing to note is the calculator setting memory gets erased for every question, so you have to redo the setting every time.


November 4, 2020
I passed the CSP Exam today! As far as prep work, I took many of the CSP practice exams until I was consistently scoring above 90%. I just finished my ASP-CSP Prep course with Patrick on Oct 5th. So that was key in remembering what I needed to know for the most part. A lot of the knowledge required on this exam came from a sound understanding and application of safety management. I would recommend studying the Books recommended in the class if you are lacking from a safety management perspective. Thanks again for getting me ready Bowen!


November 4, 2020
Passed ASP in June 2019 and finally got around to taking the CSP exam today and passed. Glad I listened to Russ and saved all ASP recordings as it was a helpful refresher. As others have stated, took numerous Bowen CSP practice exams until consistently getting 80s-90s along with some notecards and books mentioned as well. All the webinars and study session recordings were very helpful as well. Bowen EHS has, and will continue to be, an awesome resource!


October 30, 2020
My original goal for 2020 was to get through the ASP. I signed up for the ASP/CSP course because that was the soonest available at the time I wanted to sign up. I am very proud to say that it led to me accomplishing my CSP this year! I spent the past couple of weeks listening to the recorded Bowen sessions and relived my 2 hours twice a week spent with Patrick earlier this year. It helped me to write out additional note cards on sections that I felt weak on during the ASP and on the additional sections for the CSP based on the CSP Blueprint. This helped more of the information to stick in my brain. After about 4.5 grueling hours going through the questions, I took a mental breather and thought to myself - " I REALLY hope I pass this thing because I don't want to wait 6 weeks just to do this again!!!!" Well, after that, I buckled down and did my final pass-through of the questions, hit that submit button and hoped for the best. I am happy to say that I am now a CSP and I am proud to be a member of the BCSP community!