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Troubles connecting to the Virtual Classroom?  Read on for help.

We use Electa for our live online classroom. To access the classroom, you'll need to install a small plugin onto the computer or device you plan to use.  Just follow the instructions below.

This article mainly applies to Windows based machines.

Can't start the Virtual Classroom? Sometimes antivirus and antimalware programs, applications, or tools prevent Electa, the Virtual Classroom plugin, or Java from starting. You will usually see an error message stating that Java or Electa failed to start.  If you see an error message that includes the words "connection" or "connect", please see Testing and Troubleshooting the Virtual Classroom.


Because so many antimalware tools and applications exist, we cannot outline how to work with all of them.  We can give you the general guidelines of how to allow Electa and Java to work.

First, find out what antivrus or antimalware tools are on your machine.  If you're not sure, most tools have an icon that lives down in the lower right of the screen near the clock.  You may have to click the "hidden icons" button to see them.

  1.  Allow the program. If you have a message saying that Electa or Java has been blocked, please click the allow button that usually is included in the message.
  2. Search the help documentation for "allow".  Most programs and tools willl let you know how to allow Electa and Java to run.  Most likely this will be in a "web browser" or "internet" category inside the help.Folow the instructions.


Temporarily allow programs

Many antivirus tools have an "install" mode where they let programs install or run for a certain amount of time.

Manually start Electa

  1. Go into the Virtual Classroom as you normally would through the Member Center. Once you get to the 
  2. Click the Need Help ? button. (Circled in red.)
    java disabled start
  3. You should see a Start Session button appear. Click that button (circled in red).  If you think your plugin is out of date or if you need to install the plugin, click the Install the Virtual Room Plug-in link.
    java disabled start session
  4. Choose your application by highlighting Electa Live __ Virtual Room (red arrow) and then clicking OK (red circle)
    java disabled choose app

Electa should start.