Testing and Troubleshooting the Virtual Classroom - Electa

Troubles connecting to the Virtual Classroom?  Read on for help.

 If you are having audio issues, please visit the Audio Issues article.

Connection Test

Below are the results of testing to see if your device can properly communicate with the network ports that Electa's servers use. Each green checkbox means that Electa can use this port to communicate.

Check the times in green with your computer's actual time (below the table). If they are off by more than a minute, you may have trouble using Electa.

You only need one green checkbox for Electa to work.

Something funky? Try the raw connection test.

Need older versions of Electa? You can download older versions here.

Other Troubleshooting

If you're having difficulty with Electa, here are some helpful links. Please note that you may need to pass these onto your IT support.

Network/Firewall Information

Proxy Server Test

Configure Electa Live behind a Proxy Server

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