How do I sign up for the Member Center?

You want to do this if you want to see the solutions to the Study Questions (Free Membership). Everyone qualifies for the Free Membership. Just follow the instructions below to get started.

If you have enrolled in a course or have Premium Membership, you already have access to the Member Center. Use the username and password that you already use.

This process will take you less than 5 minutes.

  1. Sign up for Free Membership. Follow the prompts. When you get to your profile:
    1. Screen name: a "public" name that other Member Center participants can see. You can choose anything you like.
  2. Agree to the Training and License Agreement.
  3. Navigate to Free Resources using the Membership menu. (Screen snip below.)

free resources membership menu


Sign up for Free Membership

Read 4568 times Updated on June 20, 2016