Founded in 2003, Bowen EHS is a premier provider of continuing education training for health and safety professionals. Russell B. Bowen, CIH, CSP, our founder and president, started our company to meet the needs of health and safety professionals looking for a comprehensive yet flexible review course to help them prepare for their certification exam.

In 1997, Russ sat for the Certified Industrial Hygienist exam—and failed the first time out. "I hadn't taken any prep courses," he remembers. "I was relying on my work experience to pass." After taking a review course and hitting the books again, Russ achieved his CIH certification in 1999.

"The course was helpful, but I think you get better results when you can study the fundamentals over time. No one was delivering this kind of training online, so I decided to start Bowen EHS. The technology was just starting to emerge so the timing was perfect."

Working out of his home, Russ created comprehensive review courses for the CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) and the CSP (Certified Safety Professional) certification exams. He designed the courses so that anyone around the world could participate in an interactive class from the comfort of their home or workplace. "I think our first CIH class had six participants, and our CSP had four," Russ remembers. "Now we have more than 100 clients per course. We've come a long way."

As our client base has grown, so has Bowen EHS. Russ hired his first employee in 2007. Soon we opened our main office, which is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and currently staffed by seven team members. Our popular exam practice workbooks led to the opening of our online bookstore in 2009. In 2009, we also started offering exam prep workshops at varying locations across the U.S. and Middle East. In 2010, we started the Bowen EHS® Member Center, formally known as the Resource Center. 2012 brought an additional online review course for the CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) certification exam. Today, we are proud to say that we have partnered with The University of Iowa and its Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety to offer CEUs for most of our courses. We have also added another full-time instructor and two contract instructors.

The core belief that binds us together is this: "clients first and foremost". Everything we do is designed to help our clients succeed. We know we could not have come this far without satisfied clients. We continually refine our training and products based on their feedback and suggestions. Our whole organization is thrilled when we hear a client has passed an exam or has been promoted because of a new certification. The best compliment we receive is when our clients refer their friends and colleagues to our training. We can't help yelling "Woo Hoo!"

As Bowen EHS continues to grow, we plan to offer additional online reviews, workshops, short courses, instructional videos and podcasts along with new publications in our bookstore and resources in our member center. We hope that one day Bowen EHS is the establishment all health and safety professionals turn to for continuing education and development.

Your success is our goal!

To provide high quality professional development courses for individuals in the environmental, health, and safety career field.

Our philosophy on exam preparation is to be sure our clients understand the fundamental issues in each subject while also providing continuous support throughout the process.

Russell Bowen, CIH, CSP, Founder and President

Mr. Bowen originally founded Bowen EHS, Inc. in 2003 to meet the educational needs of those studying for certification in the EHS professions. In 2014, Mr. Bowen created Bowen Learning Network, Inc. due to significant expansion in business activities. He now serves as the President and CEO of Bowen Learning Network, Inc.

For more information on Mr. Bowen, please visit his faculty page.

Margaret Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Murphy is responsible for keeping the Bowen Learning Network offices running smoothly. Her responsibilities include human resources, special projects, client registration, payroll, and managing the Bowen Learning Network bookstore.

Chris Egle, Chief Technology Officer

"Make it work" is a phrase that Mr. Egle has heard a lot  in his life.  He is responsible for developing and maintaining the technology used by Bowen Learning Network.  This includes the main website, Member Center, Bookstore, and the systems used to support clients, faculty and staff.

One of Mr. Egle's passions is making information accessible and easily understood. That ranges from getting different computer systems to share information to editing copy for clarity and impact.  In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, biking, music, and travel.

Kim King, Vice President of Marketing

Mrs. King is in charge of developing and implementing all marketing and communication strategies for the Bowen Learning Network companies.  She is responsible for making sure that our public message is clear, concise, and attractive across a variety of channels including social media, web-advertising, and print ads.

Since 2007, Mrs. King has had a variety of responsibilities including client support, bookkeeping, product development and all of the other administrative tasks that make a company tick.

Todd Punke, Vice President of Development

Mr. Punke is responsible for initiating and managing business relationships for the benefit of the Bowen Learning Network companies. This includes the negotiation of terms and conditions of contracts, performing client research and analyzing data to be utilized in client relations, product development, and marketing. 


Nate Hamilton, System Administrator

With our increasing technology needs, Mr. Hamilton is here to help both us and our clients keep up with the constant IT developments and changes. Mr. Hamilton continues to be instrumental in keeping all of our systems operating smoothly.


President and Founder

Mr. Bowen has extensive experience providing exam review and fundamental health and safety courses. He is committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction and are well prepared after the course. His support extends well beyond the dates of instruction.

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