February 17, 2015

IHMM's New Decertification Policy

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Implementation of IHMM's new Annual Certification Maintenance Fee Policy will soon become effective. Starting March 1st, 2015, IHMM will begin the decertification process of certificants whose Annual Certification Maintenance Fee has been in arrears for 12 or more months. Certificants who become decertified will have to restart the certification process and will receive a
new credential number once certified again. A former certificant can start the process of regaining his or her credential by contacting Madison Bridner, Certification Manager at 301-984-8969 ext. 19,
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This information can also be found on IHMM's website www.ihmm.org under the "Applicants" Tab.

Why do I have to pay my Annual Certification Maintenance Fee?
As stated in the 2013 summer volume of IHMM Today, "A candidate's payment of their Annual Certification Maintenance Fees ensures that IHMM has the necessary financial resources to
maintain member records, that the certification continues to remain current with the latest developments in the industry, and enables the organization to continue to be a functional, dynamic
entity far into the future in support of its members."

Learn more about the IHMM's policy >>>

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