August 19, 2015

Spring 2015 CIH Bowen EHS Client Pass Rate

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We are frequently asked about the client pass rate for our CIH Exam Review Courses. Until now, we were unable to accurately answer the question.

In order to give our clients an accurate number and to be consistent from course to course, we designed a short survey that is sent out 90 days after the last day of a course to those clients that COMPLETED the course. To receive a Certificate of Completion, clients are required to complete the following list of items within 30 days after the course end date:

  • Listen to each of the 16 lectures (participate live or review recorded lectures).
  • Score 70% or higher on all homework assignments.
  • Score 70% or higher on the Bowen EHS, LLC final exam.
  • Complete the course evaluation

(Clients who do not meet the above completion requirements will receive a certificate of participation.)

90 days after the course end date, we determine the participants who completed all of the above requirements. An email is sent with a link to the survey and a follow-up email is sent a week later to those that may not have had a chance to complete the survey. We then reach out a week later via phone as one last attempt to get participants to complete the survey.

We are happy to report the results from our CIH Online Review Course that began in January 2015. Of those who completed the course and responded to our survey, 71% took the exam during the Spring 2015 exam window. Of those who took the exam, 69% PASSED. WOO HOOO!!

We also asked those who did not sit for the exam, “Why?”. A majority stated they did not meet the requirements at that time and plan to sit for the Fall 2015 exam.

If you are wondering what kind of time commitment it takes to prepare for the CIH exam, we asked these course participants that as well. They spent an average of 309 hours studying and 7.5 months preparing.

As always, we are Committed To Your Success by Guaranteeing our Support through the exam process!

~The Bowen EHS Team

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