August 13, 2014

Not Calling All Drivers

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I recently went on vacation with my family. We had lots of fun spending quality time in the car as we drove to the Midwest to visit family members and looking for cool rocks. (Rockhounding is one of our favorite family hobbies.)

We drove on the interstate highway system most of the way. We saw lots of vehicles. Most people were focused on their driving and were considerate of others. However, we occasionally came upon someone driving much slower than the rest of the traffic. Invariably, the person was talking on a cell phone.

I am always bothered when I see folks driving and talking on the phone and it is clear that they are not paying enough attention to their driving. I sometimes wonder why many of us find it acceptable to talk and drive at the same time. It seems odd that we wouldn't consider taking a call while in the bathroom, but we think nothing of picking up the phone while behind the wheel of a car.

Now, I must be honest with you, I have talked on the phone while driving, and I was wrong. Talking on a cell phone while driving significantly increases the risk of an accident.

I stopped the practice several years ago, and we have a corporate policy at the Bowen Learning Network forbidding the use of cell phones for business calls while driving a motor vehicle.

I hope you enjoy this short video, and remember, "Don't be a distracted driver."

~ Russ

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