Kim King

Kim King

Kim is our Marketing Manager.

Due to the high demand of our ASP-CSP Online Review Courses, we have recently found ourselves at full capacity for both the day and evening class time. To better serve our clients, we decided to add a third section to the upcoming ASP-CSP course. The next ASP-CSP online course begins February 16, 2016 and runs through April 7, 2016.

We want to do this for several reasons:

  • To keep the class size small. We want you to have time and space to participate so you can really learn and feel confident about the material covered.
  • Give you more options in attending class. We know you have to fit these classes into your busy schedules. Another time to attend class may make that easier.
  • Accommodate more clients in different time zones. We know we can't accommodate everyone. However, having a later class time option will help some.

New class times for the February ASP-CSP Online Review are:

  • Section 1 - T/Th - 1:00 - 3:00 pm ET
  • Section 2 - T/Th - 7:00 - 9:00 pm ET
  • Section 3 - T/Th - 9:00 - 11:00 pm ET

For more information, see ASP-CSP Online Review.

In honor of Veteran's Day, we like to remind our military clients that the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) waives application fees for Active Duty, Reserve Component Personnel, and Veterans.  BCSP certifications’ examination fees further qualify for reimbursement by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs under various entitlement programs.

As stated on, "BCSP is proud to support military personnel and veterans in their transition from protecting others as service members to protecting people, property and the environment as new safety practitioners."

For more information, see the BCSP Application Fee Waiver.pdf.

We at Bowen EHS also appreciate your service and dedication to our country. Thank you!

To contrast with morals (right vs. wrong), ethics is sometimes described as right vs. right (or what one does when no one else is watching). EHS professionals have ethical duties, formal ones (via our certifications) and informal ones (societal expectations). This webinar will touch upon these duties and then present a variety of ethical "dilemmas" for participants to consider what they would do.

Join us LIVE on December 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm ET.

This webinar is a 1 hour lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Bowen EHS is excited to announce that Michael Edens, CIH, CSP, CHMM has accepted the role of Managing Instructor. Mr. Edens joined Bowen EHS in July 2014 as an instructor for the ASP/CSP Workshops and Online Reviews. He then became a member of our Training Advisory Council in 2015. A former client and webinar instructor, Mr. Edens is very familiar with the inner workings of Bowen EHS.

Mr. Edens will continue to serve as the lead instructor for our ASP/CSP Online Review courses and workshops. His new responsibilities will include the management of the overall delivery of training including new course development and supervision of instructors. Mr. Edens will also chair the Bowen EHS Training Advisory Board.

To learn more about Mr. Eden’s, visit his faculty page: Michael Edens, CIH, CSP, CHMM.


Webinar Presenter

Ms. Conrad is a board Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with close to 20 years experience in occupational safety and health. She has worked in a variety of industries including agriculture, aerospace, defense, high-tech, and blood and tissue manufacturing.

Learn about safety and health exposures and challenges commonly associated with the hog and feed production industry. Presenter, Nicole Conrad, CIH, CSP, will discuss topics from harvesting and storing grain, producing feed, to specific issues on farms and their control measures aimed at reducing safety and health exposures. This webinar is a 1 hour lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Now Available! Newly revised, updated, and expanded. Whether you are studying for an IHMM certification exam, or looking for the industry's premier professional reference, Managing Hazardous Materials is a comprehensive text covering the entire breadth and depth of the hazardous materials industry.

This text has been known as the ultimate resource for the CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) exam.  Not only did the The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) update the CHMM blueprint, they expanded their professional certifcations to include the Certifed Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) and the Certifed Hazardous Goods Professional (CDGP).  This new edition of Managing Hazardous Materials is the result of adapting to these changes and covers the latest blueprints for all three IHMM professional certifications.  View the contents here.

Now available in the Bowen Learning Network Bookstore >>

Learn how to determine whether or not injuries or illnesses are recordable per requirements of 29 CFR 1904.  Attendees will receive instruction on whether an injury or illness occurred, determining work-relatedness, determining whether an injury or illness is a new case, and if a case meets general or specific recording criteria. This webinar will benefit any EH&S or Risk Management professional who is responsible for maintaining OSHA logs for their organization. This webinar is a 1 hour lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A.

We are frequently asked about the client pass rate for our CIH Exam Review Courses. Until now, we were unable to accurately answer the question.

In order to give our clients an accurate number and to be consistent from course to course, we designed a short survey that is sent out 90 days after the last day of a course to those clients that COMPLETED the course. To receive a Certificate of Completion, clients are required to complete the following list of items within 30 days after the course end date:

  • Listen to each of the 16 lectures (participate live or review recorded lectures).
  • Score 70% or higher on all homework assignments.
  • Score 70% or higher on the Bowen EHS, LLC final exam.
  • Complete the course evaluation

(Clients who do not meet the above completion requirements will receive a certificate of participation.)

90 days after the course end date, we determine the participants who completed all of the above requirements. An email is sent with a link to the survey and a follow-up email is sent a week later to those that may not have had a chance to complete the survey. We then reach out a week later via phone as one last attempt to get participants to complete the survey.

We are happy to report the results from our CIH Online Review Course that began in January 2015. Of those who completed the course and responded to our survey, 71% took the exam during the Spring 2015 exam window. Of those who took the exam, 69% PASSED. WOO HOOO!!

We also asked those who did not sit for the exam, “Why?”. A majority stated they did not meet the requirements at that time and plan to sit for the Fall 2015 exam.

If you are wondering what kind of time commitment it takes to prepare for the CIH exam, we asked these course participants that as well. They spent an average of 309 hours studying and 7.5 months preparing.

As always, we are Committed To Your Success by Guaranteeing our Support through the exam process!

~The Bowen EHS Team

August 11, 2015

What is a CIH?

Do you need help explaining to a potential employer, boss, spouse or friend exactly what it is you do for a living?  The ABIH has come to the rescue with a new public information video explaining the role a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH®). The ABIH hopes that this video will serve as an introduction to what CIHs can do and encourage them to explore further into how CIHs protect people in the workplace and beyond.

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