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Aug 20, 2016
I wanted to express my gratitude for the work all you put in and patience shown throughout this process. The course was a complete success. The verbal feedback I received from the participants was that it exceeded expectations.

Now that I have been able to navigate through your member center, I can also see the value that it will add to exam preparation. The training material, including being able to show calculator key strokes on the screen, was very useful as well. Thank you Todd for tending all of my solicitations for phone calls expeditiously and Margaret for ensuring we had all the materials and needs met all the way to the very end.

As far as Mike Edens, he demonstrated excellent presentation, didactic skills and flexibility to changes in course schedule. He was ever-present that his audience had English as a second language, and that US terms might be missed by some. He adjusted perfectly and I believe this was part of the success of the course. He also had plenty of examples and “war stories” to keep the class interesting and is certainly well versed in all topics related to safety and hygiene. The format used of short breaks every hour (versus one or two longer breaks) was well received and one I hope to copy.

In all, congratulations for your superb service, content, and delivery.
Oct 28, 2015
Good Morning in the USA!

TO: Mr Bowen and MY Bowen Team mates,

From the time I enrolled in the ASP class in July 2015 I liked the people, the product and service you were delivering at Bowen EHS.

Today however I would like to nominate 2 of your employees for outstanding customer service.

I would like to extend a "BIG" Thank You to Jarena Hubbard and Chris Egle from the IT Department for their quick resolution I had with Windows 10 and trying to get the Electa Viewer to work.

They were fast, friendly and made it look easy. Back to studying here 9000 miles away with no time lost.

Please move this nomination up and forward and let everyone at Bowen know that this BIG BEAR appreciates his BOWEN TEAM very much for helping me so fast and getting my problem resolved. HATS OFF…..very much appreciated! REALLY!!!

Thank you again Jarena and Chris for the extra time and quick solution.

Mr. Bowen you are a lucky man to have these 2 as your employees. They do make the difference count.

BOWEN EHS is number 1 and I do advertise……American proud and lots of red, white and blue! Thank you for your time today.
Oct 28, 2014
I can't tell you how pleased I am with the courses (I completed CSP and plan to take CIH test in April). I am also VERY pleased with the exceptional help that I get from your staff. Representative Lynette was astute, pleasant, and very helpful with my request. I promise to highly recommend your courses to all of my cohorts!
Aug 7, 2014
I am very thankful, and grateful for your training and encouragement! Your group provides an excellent base to work from.